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Bandana Drops

Documenting your support as we drop off bandana donations to shelters and rescue organizations.

Our 1st Bandana Drop!

For our inaugural bandana drop, we went to our home shelter, East Valley Animal Shelter. This was where we adopted three of our pets: Our dearly departed Lily, our bunny Ruby, and our nephew's dog, Daisy. We hope that the bandanas donated help these animals find their forever homes. Keep following us for future bandana drops!


Donations to Partner Rescues

These big pooches from Underdog Heroes are looking cute while enjoying their donated bandanas.  Featuring: Luna, Sebastian, Oso, & Duke.

Weekend Deliveries

Dropping off bandanas at AGWC Rockin' Rescue and shipping some off at the post office for Pacific Pups Rescue.

post office.jpg

We Love Meeting New People!

We met with Cara, the founder of Apollo's Arc Rescue & Care, to deliver some bandanas. She was the sweetest person! It was such a pleasure to meet someone who does so much to help animals!

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